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We've tested 10 of the best dating sites for BBW and BHM. Our goal is to help plus size people find each other. At 10bbwdatingsites.com you will find a list of the best bbw dating sites.

Feabie Review

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To make the most out of your date experiences, our first-hand reviews are here to provide a complete breakdown of the biggest and best platforms.

For the finest in full Feabie reviews read on for real-life user experience, up to date research of the site functions, and advice for how to make the most out of online date platforms.

Like most dating sites, Feabie has established a unique name to make it stand out from the crowd. A Feabie is simply a user of these websites, designed to help members find authentic relationships in the modern dating landscape.

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Members: 15,000

Best for: Casual encounters, romantic

User age: - Younger adults, 75% men, mainly in the US

Recomended Age: - 25+


Easy to register

Plenty of free services

Searches and instant messaging are included


Restricted use of messaging and photos

Upgrade to paid subscription required to remove limits

Lack of site security tends to encourage more fake accounts

feabie sign up

Signing up to Feabie

On first impressions, signing up to your account is simple and quick. As safety on dating sites goes, there is a decent amount of verification in place that makes it feel more secure. You'll need to expect to create a username for your profile, provide a valid email address, and write some information about yourself, such as your age, gender, location, and what sort of people you would like to meet. The process takes about 15 minutes altogether, and once you're done, you have access to the site features straight away.

We should point out that, while you do need to verify the email address, you do not need to provide any other ID or connected social media logins to verify your profile information. So there aren't the best safety provisions in place that we like to see on a modern app.

feabie members

Members & Profiles

Member activity: Low active

Gender proportion: 75% male, 25% female

The main focus of the casual websites is on helping bigger singles - and their admirers! - to find love online. It's always best to know what you're signing up for, so if you're not into BBW, this probably isn't the option for you! This isn't unique to Feabie, and you'll find plenty of dating sites created for loving larger people, so we took a look to see what sort of members you will find here.

Feabie lives by the slogan 'bigger is better,' which gives you a flavor as to what you will find here. They say that their users include:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Waiters
  • Students
  • Executives
  • Dog-walkers
  • Filmmakers
  • Everyone in between

During our research, we felt that the majority of users were women, and while we didn't come across any doctors, the site is inclusive, so it feels welcoming to everyone.

Feabie explains that their websites were created for heterosexual preferences, but they don't exclude anyone. In our experience, this isn't geared towards the LGBTQ+ community. You might come across a rare gay user, but they are few and far between.

Feabie Safety

Your profile is secured with a password; although we all know that password can be hacked, so aren't the best safety net to have online! We also felt that the encouragement to use 'creative' user names means that a lot of members use an alias, which belies the message that Feabie was created for serious connections between authentic people.

Our advice for dating safety when using Feabie include:

Do not give out ANY personal information or include anything private on your profile.

Even if you're having a sexy chat with a person you have met on the Feabie websites, don't be tempted to agree to meet if you don't feel sure.

Report any fake profiles, abusive behavior, or unsolicited messages immediately.

Ignore any messages trying to convince you to spend money or travel to meet someone - there are a lot of users trying to make money here, so be cautious and don't write back to anyone suspicious.

Real Life Review

To deliver the best Feabie.com review, we tried it for ourselves! There is no better way to experience dating sites than by going through the signup process and chatting to people in person, after all! There are a few things about the features that you need to learn before signing up!

Firstly, don't be expecting a marriage proposal. Feabie is very much fetishist, who is amazing if you're searching dating websites for your ideal big lady. Still, it is not your ideal chance of finding a meaningful relationship, long-term connections, or, indeed, marriage. The second is that you will find a majority of females on the Feabie app. Sounds perfect if you are seeking a hot woman to date, but there is an atmosphere of 'man-bashing' for want of a better expression, so some users have found themselves vulnerable to unfair accusations.

Lastly, be aware that Feabie is strict about some policy violations, whereas others are left to slide. If you post a nude picture, there is a good chance that you will be blocked right away, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently.

It's also worth mentioning that if you need support, you will need a lot of luck to hear anything back from Feabie customer services. You can write to them, but we spoke to several users who had not received any response to issues with the app. Your chance of flirting with some BBW women is great - but the potential to find a serious relationship or marriage is pretty much zero.

Feabie Costs and Prices

Free services

Viewing profiles and photos

Reading posts and comments

Uploading photos, posts and being able to send comments

Reading the newsfeed


Instant messaging

Fee services

You must upgrade to paid subscription!

Feabie FAQ

Is Feabie Free?

Yes, Feabie is free, but you do need to upgrade to a paid subscription to use all the features.


Feabie is a mixed conclusion since it offers a fast and easy registration that is superior to many dating websites. We felt that there are great opportunities here to get involved with the BBW community, and probably very few services that embrace the feeder lifestyle so well!

However, we also felt that Feabie is more suited to casual encounters or flirting, so you need to know what you want from the value of your subscription to make the right decision.

We hope our test run has been helpful, shown you what the value of the website looks like, and helps you to find the right date site for your ideal relationship!

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