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Why Do Some Men Like Fat Women Over Slimmer Ones?

Men Like Fat Women

For years, a slender frame has been the standard of beauty for women. In movies, books, and magazines, thin women have gotten the most love.

However, not all men love women with SLIM bodies. These men would rather be with plus-size ladies, aka Big Beautiful Women (BBW). While this goes against the traditional thinking about female beauty, there are excellent reasons men prefer fat women. You can find these women on dating sites for fat people

They Want to Fight Traditional Ideas About Beauty

Some men use their love for BBW women to fight conventional ideas about the attractiveness of females. These guys find negative stereotypes around chubby ladies problematic, so they date them to show that even plus-size women deserve love.

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research identified these men as “fat admirers.” Fat admirers consider their attractiveness to fat women as a rebellion against societal beauty standards.

However, not every BBW-loving man is a social justice warrior or “ally.” Some just naturally like chubby girls, even if their tastes differ from that of mainstream audiences.

They Find Fat Women Sexually Active

Contrary to stereotypes, fat women have considerable sex appeal. They have bigger boobs and curvier backsides, which males often find sexually attractive. Females with model-thin bodies may look great, but they offer little for men to play with in bed.

If you’re a plus-size woman, you’re likely to receive more compliments on your sizable derriere than other women. This is, therefore, an excellent reason to love your plus-size shape and flaunt your body without shame.

Fat Women Are Less Sensitive

The biggest downside to being a BBW in modern society is the unending stream of negative comments from insensitive individuals. But, many fat women have learned to handle the criticism and tasteless jokes; they might even poke fun at themselves.

Their experience in handling negative comments means chubby ladies are less sensitive than their counterparts. With a mature BBW, you don’t have to walk on eggshells around them; they are okay with a humorous joke, even if it’s about their weight. They still love their food and would go out on countless dinner dates whether they are teased about their body type, size and weight or not.

The case is different with thin women, who are often insecure about their appearance. A weight-related joke that a BBW would laugh at may spark with a regular-sized woman. This doesn’t mean thin women are oversensitive; they cannot just handle specific comments about their appearance.

Plus-Sized Women Are Pleasant People

How many times have you dated someone with a hot body, only to discover her unpleasant personality later? Because society values beauty over character, pretty women can get away with their bad attitudes. This is usually the case. Within many male circles, it is often said that all you have to do as a lady is have a pretty face, and everything else goes in your favor.

But you don’t have to settle for that, do you? BBW often have the most admirable personalities since they rarely rely on their looks to get partners. A BBW is likely to have positive personality traits like empathy, cheerfulness, and a good sense of humor.

A BBW woman will hardly misbehave towards her lover. Instead, she’ll appreciate the time spent together and ensure that he has no reasons to be unhappy in the relationship.

Fat Women Make The Best Partners

Having a pleasant personality means that plus-size women are great for serious relationships. But, there are more reasons some men believe BBWs make better partners than thin women.

For starters, BBWs are more affectionate and emotionally expressive. If a BBW falls in love, she’s not afraid of being vulnerable and showing her man affection. Given a chance, she’ll hug and kiss her partner every minute.

Then fat women care for their partners and can be unselfish in relationships. This is unlike thin women who often display a sense of entitlement and believe their needs should always come first.

Are you interested in dating a plus-size woman? Then you should read our in-depth reviews of the best BBW dating sites for fat people around!

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